Visualizing machine learning and AI trends using text mining

Analysis of 1790 articles on Machine Learning and AI companies/products to visualize trends, company strategies, and topics.

Analysis of 1790 articles on Machine Learning and AI companies/products to visualize trends, company strategies, and topics.

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Topic overview

Companies involved with AI/ML are associated with Analytics & BI, Cloud Computing, concrete AI/ML-applications, and AM/ML-development.


Deep dive into the AI/ML-applications cluster

Within the AI/ML-applications cluster, Automated Machine Learning is the most frequent topic and the most central one. The relations to other big topics like NLP and CV further emphasize the potential for Auto ML.


The presence of Open Source as an own cluster indicates that even huge companies like Amazon cannot (yet) succeed on their own. image

Deep dive into the AM/ML-development cluster

Getting the data (training/inference or data labeling) is more important than building/modeling models. Big players like Amazon are reacting accordingly. image

Besides the need for data (training/inference or data labeling), deploying the finished models is difficult, indicating a need for MLOps. image

Company strategies and profiles

As indicated by the trend towards open source, companies are well connected.

However, commercial companies dominate the news landscape. image

Although a lot of companies exist, only a few dominate the landscape. image image

Although companies share topics, strategies are visible

  • Alteryx’s analytics “legacy” is clearly visible
  • Whereas Google seems to be more cloud-focused when it comes to AI/ML, Amazon is focusing on specific AI/ML applications.
  • For IBM, security is a priority.
  • Mathworks (company behind MATLAB and Simulink) focuses on AI and Hardware applications



Selected articles per category

  • Amazon SageMaker Ground Truth Adds Data Labeling Workflow for Named Entity Recognition (Category: E2E-AI/ML-Development)
  • Real-time Object Detection API using Amazon SageMaker and Amazon API Gateway (Category: AI/ML-Applications & Types)

Most shared articles

  1. Pricing housing just right: Entrata enables apartments to fill capacity with Amazon SageMaker and 1Strategy
  2. Amazon SageMaker Studio: The First Fully Integrated Development Environment For Machine Learning
  3. Amazon Open Sources SageMaker Neo To Run Machine Learning Models At The Edge


Selected articles per category

  • IBM Cloud Pak for Security: Full Protection Wherever Data Resides (Category: Security, Cybersecurity)
  • IBM Expands Cloud Pak for Data with New DataOps Enhancements to Help Clients Get their Data Ready for AI (Category: Cloud Computing)

Most shared articles

  1. IBM adds AutoAI to Watson Studio to speed up data prep so data scientists can focus on models
  2. IBM adding recommended bias monitors to Watson OpenScale
  3. IBM adds Power to Watson Machine Learning


Selected articles per category

  • Salesforce launches new Einstein email capabilities for Marketing Cloud (Category: Cloud Computing)
  • Salesforce Debuts New ‘Einstein’ A.I. Voice Assistant Features for the Workplace (Category: AI/ML-Applications & Types)

Most shared articles

  1. Salesforce deploys Einstein Vision to spot great white sharks
  2. Salesforce debuts Einstein Translation and Einstein Optical Character Recognition
  3. Salesforce brings more Einstein AI tools to Financial Services Cloud

Industry trends: interaction of Analytics, enterprise AI (“advanced analytics”) and Big Data

Alteryx the publicly traded analytics company acquired ClearStory (automated Big Data processing) and Feature Labs (AutoAI solutions) emphasizing the trend towards a blend of analytics and (Auto)AI (“advanced analytics”) and the need for Big Data processing.


The relationship between Tableau and Alteryx emphasizing their partnership shows further that AI is blending more and more into reporting and visualization.


Finally, the relationship between Tableau and Salesforce reminds of Salesforce’s acquisition of Tableau and the potential it brings. It again shows the blend of visualization and AI (Salesforce’s Einstein Analytics offers “AI-powered advanced analytics”). image

Similar to ClearStory, Feature Labs, Alteryx, Tableau, and Salesforce SAPs investment into DataRobot shows the industry shift towards enterprise AI. image

Startup situation: rising in the background but also falling

Young companies like Databricks (founded in 2013) and DataRobot (founded in2012) are becoming more entrenched. However, the startup-company dotscience (tool for tracking, deploying, and monitoring AI models) already had to close down.

Network for Databricks


Network for Datarobot


Social Media Engagement

Open Source, AutoAI, training/deploying AI models generate most social media engagement image

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